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Embracing Diversity and Memory of Childhood
After the period of exhibition, the balls will be delivered to Sudan villages as a gift from the project.
COLOURED CLOUD is designed to embrace and represent diversity. This is in accord with the essence of peace being able to encompass difference. It also refers to Bethnal Green’s diverse demographic population with different religious beliefs. COLOURED CLOUD also represents the childhood memory of peaceful space, relaxation, reflection; characters which define peace and harmony.

FUNCTION: Primary function of coloured cloud is reflection and play. Participants should take their shoes off to enjoy the plate (made of white-birch plywood). The plate is a place for socializing, relaxation and enjoyment when there are many, but a place of contemplation when few. One can swing their feet sitting at the edge. One can lie down and enjoy the artificial cloud. Two can sit together and have conversation.


FORM: To symbolise diversity, the form of coloured cloud is concrete. It does not represent a certain view of life and religion. It represents playfulness of childhood and everyday life. The group of light balls seem fragile but are held by insignificant rope mesh, like the state of peace.


STRUCTURE & MATERIAL: To accommodate the budget and temporary nature of the pavilion, COLOURED CLOUD uses materials that are readily available and does not use any special procedure; polyethylene plastic balls with U.V. inhibitor, white-birch plywood panel, small steel I-beams and metal rope mesh.

freestanding transportable temporary contemporary showcase Pavilion that reflects peace and its unique location. The Pavilion will reflect a peaceful space, encourage hope and highlight the need for ecological and sustainable architecture and design principles.


It should provide an inspirational space where visiting architects, designers, families or general public can stand, seat around to admire, embrace diversity and engage with each other to share discussions about design, importance and benefits of peace and co-existence or other stories in a peaceful setting


The site’s main use is as a recreational garden for living, working and visiting communities around and it is clearly important that the most is made of this key location for the Pavilion.

The gardens are locked overnight, from sunset to sunrise.


There is a desire to include a temporary transportable Pavilion for the 2013 Summer in such a public space with a need for inclusion, socialising, relaxation, discussion, reflection, escape, view and enjoyment of a high quality space.



Competitors should consider the following as part of the proposed design:

· Installation of the Pavilion.

· Disable Access (where a structure or form requires access).

· Safety

· General circulation



Design proposal must provide a suitable and inclusive form for a public space. However exciting and challenging the creative opportunity presented within such a project may be, it is equally important that any proposal exhibit an amount of functionality, viability and within the budget set


Designs that surprise, inspire and enthuse through an outstanding concept design solution and clearly has a sense of place, is unique, functional, accessible and achievable will be of most interest to the panel.

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