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M-HOUSE (on hold)

Design team: Soohyoun Nam, IM JAEUN, CHOI SUNMI, KIM YUNKYUNG


Dwelling is thought to be one of the most resilient forms of architecture. But upon close inspection of history, it becomes evident that perhaps it is a form that went through most vibrant changes. But this notion of conservativism rise from the fact that in a given time and social conditions, adjusting the typology of ‘a house’ is usually viewed as a brutal act of an architect for novelty. Hence lies the problem: how one should proceed to incorporate the on-going changes of ‘living’ with the given norms. From our search to ‘break’ the rooms from their independent states (in our previous projects a house and g house), now we have begun to apply non-sensical and playfulness as an antidote to seriousness. The very ‘casing’ of a family has become a non-sensical proposition since the core concept of family is in process of redefinition. Perhaps this can only be exercised to a single residential type, with the clients known and willing. This is a quest we would like to follow through our following projects.

뮤지엄과 주택의 결합


이 주택의 아이디어는 하나의 커다란 갤러리이다. 의뢰인은 많은 예술작품들을 소장하고 있었고 이들을 전시하고 싶어 하였다. 긴 복도가 이 역할을 하고, 기능의 방들은 이 복도에 걸쳐 흩어져 있다. 또한 공적 공간과 사적 공간은 램프에 의해서 조절된다. 올라갈수록 점점 사적인 공간으로 진입하게 된다. 램프의 끝은, 당연하게, 루프가든으로 이어진다.


허가까지 받은 이 주택은 가족의 변화에 의해서 공사가 시작되지 않았다.

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